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[Created: May 10, 2004]

Posts must be made friends only if you are concerned about your privacy. Please read and agree to the rules below before joining.

Thanks loads to the almighty jentopia for the banner! [iconsbyjentopia]

Maintained by: skyharbour naughty_tangled & xcrimsonmoonx

This community has been created by me skyharbour because I love music as well as downloading music...but I have slow internet, and programs like Kazaa just don't do it for me... So, this community is designed for song requests. Request any song you want. Here's how it works:


:: When you join, be sure to check the box that says ".:MP3 Exchange:. Request A Song Here to friends list" after you click the "Join this community" link at the top. If you don't, you're not reading other's requests, and if you only joined to post, then you don't need to be here. The whole point of this community is to SHARE. So read the entries when they come up, and comment and help out when you can. That's all we ask. It's only fair. Thank you :)

:: Do NOT give out other user's screen names and/or emails to anyone else. When you join this community, you automatically agree to respect other user's privacy and personal property. Be good kids, and don't exploit anyone!

:: Do NOT send/request pornographic videos or pictures. I will delete your entry, and possibly consider removing you from the community. This community is for music files only.

:: Do NOT promote or advertise inside the community.

:: Individual song requests as well as full album requests are welcome :)

*Post your song request entry.

* You can use sites like Mega Upload or YouSendIt and post the links in comment replies.

* To comply with the law, files are to be deleted after 24 hours, and/or use sites with temporary file hosting.

*I'd also like, if it's possible, for anyone who also has links to websites where users can download songs free to submit them as well.

Please spread the word about this community!

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Want to SEND MP3's?

You Send It
Mega Upload
Ripway [Account required]

Good links for FREE music downloads! [Thanks to starmygalaxy moodynymph216 imaginedhearts hammerdance and skyharbour]

imeem [account required]
Seek A Song
Altavista UK
Sign up @ Amazon
Drive Thru Records
Saddle Creek Records [Includes downloads from artists such as Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley]
Artist Direct
Pure Volume
Epitaph Records [Includes downloads from artists such as Motion City Soundtrack, Bad Religion, and FFTL]
Barsuk Records [Includes downloads from artists such as Death Cab for Cutie and They Might Be Giants]

Dashboard Confessional
Jason Mraz